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The Art and Heart of Healthcare Institute

Reimagining Healthcare
and Reuniting Systems and Individuals to Their Mission to C.A.R.E. 

Founded in 2017 by nurse and artist Tara Rynders, The Clinic combines arts, music, movement and caring science to create immersive experiences and workshops for health care professionals to remember their (re)brilliancy and rekindle the joy that comes from caring for and being cared by another human being. 

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The Clinic


Health care workers reported exhaustion and burnout


Noted experiencing anxiety 


Nurses stated they did not have adequate emotional support


Stated they were experiencing stress 


Reported having work related dread

From June-September 2020, MHA hosted a survey on to listen to the experiences of healthcare workers during COVID-19 and to create better resources to help support their mental health as they continue to provide care.

Featured Projects


The Clinic x Kaiser Permanente  Nurse Scholars Workshops in Northern California

Calling all KP nurses in Northern California.  Please join one of our six workshops available taking place in: 

  • Roseville, CA April 10th and 11th

  • Oakland, CA June 6th and 7th

  • Santa, Clara, California September 11th and 12th.  

  • Oakland, CA November 7th 

The Clinic Workshops 

Bring The (Re)Brilliancy Workshop to your teams to create spaces of belonging as we ignite joy, wonder, and a renewed passion for courageously caring for ourselves, our colleagues, and our patients. 

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Keynote with Tara Rynders RN

(Re)Brilliancy: Remembering and Honoring the Brilliant and Resilient Human Beings We Already Are.


Join nurse, dancer, and creative joy incitor Tara Rynders as she invites you into an innovative and interactive experience of reflection, joy, and self-compassion. 

"Thank you for including this powerful closing! It was humbling to be in a room full of powerful nurse leaders willing to be vulnerable. We all hold so much in (grief, loss, fear, etc) and forge on. Modeling this among each other and with our students is how we change the culture."


Co-Directed by Dr. Clare Hammoor and Tara Rynders RN
"Ringside" will be debuting its West Coast Premiere June 2023 

Ringside unmasks the caregiver to reveal the collective grief and anger that lies underneath the applause to remind us all that we are something much greater than superheroes, we are humans. Ringside reminds us that every win has a loss and that superheroes without PPE will also die. Ringside leaves you face to face with the inner emotions of a nurse battling more than just COVID-19,  but the realization that she has spent her entire life saving everyone else except herself.  Ringside ultimately leaves us wondering who saves the last woman standing if everyone else has chosen front row seats?  Packed with punches, Ringside leaves us with a nurse who is beginning to realize the real opponent she is actually fighting is the same opponent she is trying to save, herself.

The Clinic Workshops


Susan Ryan, MD

Emergency, Rose Medical Center

Denver, CO

It spoke to the decades I have spent witnessing the grief of others, and captured compassion fatigue we are all vulnerable to feeling.

Gabby Mundie, RN, PACU

The Medical Center of Aurora

 Aurora, CO

Seeing other people struggle with the same things I struggle with...built a camaraderie around the fact that nobody is going through it alone.

Katie Jenson, RN

 Cardiac, Rose Medical Center

Denver, CO

This is a workshop for nurses by nurses and that is one of the most important aspects of it.

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