Resiliency Moments

Bringing artists and participants together through short, virtual, one-on-one artistic experiences

Resiliency Moments are virtual, one-on-one sessions for healthcare workers to spend 10 minutes of creative time led by an artist. Our carefully curated Moments are a place where healthcare workers are seen, heard, and cared for.

Bringing artists and healthcare staff together through one-on-one experiences

Nurses and other healthcare workers often suffer from compassion fatigue and burnout, and even more so during the extreme circumstances of COVID-19. Responding to this crisis, The Clinic launched Resiliency Moments in 2021 to pair socially engaged artists with healthcare workers to share in belonging, storytelling, and community.

Resiliency Moments is designed as an intervention for frontline and other staff to feel seen, heard, and cared for in real time by highly skilled artist facilitators. During this intervention participants experience a deep sense of care, belonging and meaning as they artistically connect to themselves and others,  Resiliency Moments bring us back to our humanity and help mend a broken health care system.

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Resiliency Moments
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Resiliency Moments was piloted during the virtual worldwide festival Reimagine: Life, Loss & Love (May 9-July 9, 2020) and at Northwell Health (New York, NY) in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. 

More about Resiliency Moments

Hear directly from Artistic Director Tara Rynders, RN plus healthcare and social work staff participants and artist facilitators about the piloting of Resiliency Moments at Northwell Health, how these interventions might address implicit bias and racial disparities in healthcare, and opportunities to scale up: Watch the video presentation

Nurse-Led Research

In 2022, in partnership with Denver Health/HealthOne Cares, The Clinic is studying the impact of Resiliency Moments through an IRB-approved 8-week study in sites across the United States. Click here to learn more about this multisite study