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Is it time to stop running on empty? Are you ready to find spaces of care for yourself so that you can fully care for others? 


About Coaching with Tara 

The problem is NOT that we stopped caring or that we care too much, the problem is that we need support in removing the things that are keeping us burned out so that we can learn how to do less and receive more. 

Join me in one on one or group coaching where we look at how to strategically disentangle the things that are keeping us burned out, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled and instead create sustainable personalized systems of C.A.R.E where we use the C.A.R.E framework to infuse more care and joy into our everyday lives.  Let's start doing less and start receiving more. 


Costs of Coaching 

C.A.R.E. for self coaching - 8 sessions  $2700

Focus on caring for yourself by looking at and removing obstacles that are keeping you burned out, overwhelmed, and fulfilled. Rekindle the joy that comes from knowing you are worthy to be cared for as you care for others.


C.A.R.E. for others coaching - 8 sessions $2700

Focus on how to care for others without betraying yourself as you set clear boundaries and find opportunities to care for others in ways that supports you as you support others. 


Grief Recovery Method - 8 sessions $2700

Grievers don't need to be fixed, they just need to be heard. Join me as we honor, unravel and heal the grief that has been keeping you from fully experiencing your joy. 

Bundle all 3 for six months of coaching for only $7500 

To schedule a call to see if this is a good fit for you please schedule time with Tara here

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