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Corporate Workshops

The Clinic serves educators, tech companies, and other corporate spaces that want to prioritize and invest in joy and meaning, relationship building, wellness, resiliency, and belonging amongst teams through virtual and in-person workshops.

Creative Play Workshops (2, 4, or 8 hours)

For leadership teams, summits, and deep-dive retreats.

Our full- and half-day workshops are designed to foster empathy and remind working teams of the joy and wonder that comes from being creative through play in the community with each other. This immersive offering is based on the arts and the understanding that play and wonder disrupt normal patterns of behavior, offering time and space to be innovative and compassionate towards ourselves and others. Led by highly skilled artist facilitators, the experience invites an authentic sense of care, community building, and presence into your organizational culture. Through movement, theater, play, and mindfulness, it supports strategic goals around:


  • Belonging and meaning

  • Joy

  • Compassionate relationship building

  • Conscious capitalism

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Team building/community building

Creative Play in the Work Day (45-60 minutes)

For conferences, special events, wellness days, and full team retreats

Creative Play brings humanity, the arts, and care together to energize and restore during a work day. In under one hour, participants reconnect to their creative selves in a safe, virtual environment for self-reflection, art activities, movement, laughter, and play. Led by professional artists, participants experience a deep sense of care, belonging and meaning through artistic expression that allows for deep community building and more compassionate relationships with themselves and their co-workers.

Resiliency Moments (60 minutes, individually)

For your entire organization

Resiliency Moments are virtual, one-on-one sessions for employees and leadership to experience carefully curated, intimate, creative moments with socially engaged artists nationwide. In these playful and nurturing spaces, participants awaken their creativity, joy, and wonder as every moment is different and based on the interaction of the participant. After three engaging artistic experiences, participants walk away feeling creative and personally seen, heard, and cared for.

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