Keynote Presentation

Collective Care: Holding Fatigue, Grief, and Joy Through the Arts

by Tara Rynders, RN

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About This Engaging Presentation

In this engaging presentation, Tara Rynders guides an interactive, multimedia experience of the art and science of caring for yourself and others. As a truth-teller and disrupter, Rynders embraces vulnerability,  grief, and joy as a means to end burnout and its detrimental effects, which acutely impact our patients of color.


Drawing from her experience creating theatrical performances in hospital settings and intimate arts and play-based workshops for healthcare providers, Rynders harnesses her passion for nursing and the arts to honor our shared humanity collectively.


Nested in curiosity, creativity, and joy, this presentation is an immersive invitation to care for oneself through truth-telling, self-compassion, creative expression, and ultimately, the freedom to celebrate pleasure.

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