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Full and Half-Day Workshops

Our immersive full and half-day workshops focus on individual and collective care as we redefine resiliency, through the arts, movement, mindfulness, and play.  
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When nurses are supported and valued, we know the organization as a whole is uplifted, all to the benefit of our patients.

– HCA Healthcare, 2019 Strategic Plan for Nursing

Kentucky Nurses Association Presents: The Clinic

Mindfulness coupled with the arts, movement, play and wonder can disrupt our normal patterns and offer time and space to authentically see ourselves and others. When authentically present with each other,  we are able to see and acknowledge suffering and respond in connection and compassion leading to an increase of joy and wonder in our lives.

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Utilizing Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring, Kristen Neff’s definition of self-compassion, Trauma Informed Care, The Daisy’s Foundation and Creative Healthcare Management’s See Me as a Person Framework, and Miguel Sicart’s play-based theories, this workshop offers safe compassionate spaces for healthcare providers and staff to reflect together upon themselves, and how their stories intersect. Led by our highly trained artist facilitators, participants are taken on a healing-centered creative adventure centered around self and community care while building deep trust with one another.

With no PowerPoint presentations insight, we spend our time in relationships, interacting through play, dancing, storytelling, theater, music, mindfulness, and more. Together we examine our personal and professional healthcare communities from the inside out and explore our roles in creating more equitable healthcare systems.

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