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Upcoming Research

The Clinic researches the impact of the arts and play on burnout, secondary traumatic stress, compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue, self-compassion and burnout in healthcare providers and its role in health disparities.
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In 2019, founder Tara Rynders and Diedre Bricker RN MSN developed an IRB-approved research study of The Clinic workshops to assess the outcomes of using art, movement, and play-based theater to help decrease burnout and secondary traumatic stress. The study was piloted at Rose Medical Center and The Medical Center of Aurora (Aurora, CO) in 2019. 

Participants reported a dramatic decrease in burnout and secondary traumatic stress and a significant increase in empathy following the workshop. The Clinic continues to pursue research in an effort to underscore the impact of using art to decrease burnout and secondary traumatic stress through the processing of grief and trauma.

2022 Resiliency Moments
Multisite Study

The Clinic is running an IRB-approved study in hospital sites across the United States. This 8-week research study will implement Resiliency Moments, a virtual arts and play-based workshop that brings artists and healthcare personnel together for a one-hour, virtual experience.

This nurse-led research will investigate how Resiliency Moments decreases burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and increases compassion satisfaction and self-compassion using reliable, validated tools, including The Professional Quality of Life Scale (ProQOL) and The Self-Compassion Scale (SCS).

Multisite Workshop Study

A study of the impact of in-person Clinic Workshops, 8-hour engagements led by artists in joy and play. This IRB Approved Nurse-led Research will examine these engagements impact on burnout, compassion satisfaction, and secondary traumatic stress.

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