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First, Do No Harm

First, DO No Harm


Theater Performance

​In response to the nursing profession's epidemic of compassion fatigue and burnout, Denver-based artist and registered nurse Tara Rynders worked with co-directors Jadd Tank and Lia Bonfilio to create an immersive theater performance for the community called First, Do No Harm.


The multi-disciplinary production was developed to be performed for the public inside hospitals and health care facilities. The debut performance took place at Rose Medical Center, located in Denver, Colorado, in October 2018.


A cast of 16 dancers, artists, and musicians explore themes of grief, loss, compassion fatigue, and burn-out from the perspective of nurses, patient’s family members, and loved ones.  


Guests were walked throughout Rose Medical Center - a fully functioning hospital - to various locations where they witnessed first-hand the complex and difficult emotional challenges that nurses endure daily. 

First, Do No Harm is an intimate journey of personal loss, love, life, and death, bringing awareness to compassion fatigue, burn-out, and the often unfriendly and impersonal nature of our healthcare system.

First, Do No Harm is bringing awareness to compassion fatigue, burnout and the often unfriendly and impersonal nature of our healthcare system.


The premiere and first set of performances were extremely well received by the general public, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers.


The run of performances were sold out, including two additional shows to accommodate the high demand, rendering First, Do No Harm a successful attempt at bridging two seemingly unexpected worlds: Performance Art & Health Care. 


Throughout the tender span of 90 minutes, participants are guided throughout the hospital by dancers, actors and musicians. Themes and stories are explored through the eyes of both the caregivers and the cared for.


Absurd, raw and creative to the very last detail, First, Do No Harm takes audiences on a pendulum swing, back and forth, until collectively we reach the very core of our human condition - sharing an experience which shapes our interactions and the way we experience each other.

Theater and Arts

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An Arts in Society Grant was awarded to Artistic Director Tara Rynders in 2017, which helped support and fund the debut productions of First, Do No Harm, and The Clinic. Most recently, Rynders has been awarded an A Blade of Grass Fellowship to continue this work in multiple hospitals in Denver and New York City. 

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