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Tara Rynders, RN M.F.A., B.S.N., B.A.

Tara Rynders brings her long-time experience and expertise together as a nurse, educator, performer, and group facilitator to create an experience for health care providers that look at self-care through a lens of collective care based on relationship based care, empathy, and Watson's theory of caring. Rynders has taught at Metropolitan State University, Denver and has conducted national and international workshops, performances, keynote speeches, and works with hospitals and other organizations to create lasting change that is sustainable, teachable, and reproducible. Rynders is currently becoming certified as a grief recovery specialist. Her recent awards include: 2019 Nightingale Award Winner (Colorado), 2019 A Blade of Grass Fellow (NYC), and Arts in Society Grantee 2017, 2020 (Colorado). She holds a Bachelors in Science of Nursing, Bachelors in Spanish, and a Masters in Fine Arts: Movement and Somatic Practices.

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