The Clinic

When nurses are supported and valued, we know the organization as a whole is uplifted, all to the benefit of our patients.

- HCA’s 2019 Strategic Plan for Nursing

Brighter and Stronger Connections Between Patients and Nurses

At The Clinic, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for artists, nurses, patients and the community to commune together through the arts.


The Clinic utilizes the See Me as a Person Framework that brings curiosity, wonder, and attunement to the bedside and offers nurses and patients a chance to create authentic connections.


Through live immersive performances, one on one performances at the bedside with patients and nurses, The Clinic desires to cultivate a sense of wonder and joy through the arts.


We believe that the arts bring healing into the hospital and that this leads to better patient outcomes in the hospital setting, decreased compassion fatigue and decreased nursing burn-out. We believe when nurses are seen heard and cared for then so will our patients.  



  • Raise awareness about compassion fatigue and burn-out in the nursing prfoession

  • Highlight the incredible work that nurses do daily that is often overlooked and undervalued

  • Help nurses implement self-care, so they are able to care for others

  • Break down hierarchy in the hospital setting between nurses and doctors

  • Decrease workplace violence

  • Decrease nursing turnover

  • Increase nursing and patient satisfaction

  • Create community within each hospital we work within


Compassion fatigue presents multifaceted problems for individuals and systems within healthcare across the United States. As healthcare providers, patients, families, and hospitals suffer its deleterious effects, we are heartened by the clear benefits of arts-driven practices and self-care for those who care the most. Through playful investigation and thoughtful reflection, this 6-week, interactive workshop invites nurses into a strengths-based collaboration with local artists, dancers, and musicians as they imagine new ways of working, being, and caring in hospital settings. Drawing from research-driven practices, personal narratives, and Koloroutis and Trout’s See Me as a Person; Improving the Patient Experience this workshop will creatively combat compassion fatigue from within as a way of creating lasting, systemic change.

Workshops begin October 2019 with nurses from Rose Medical Center and The Medical Center of Aurora.